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Any lesbian families in Kent want to meet up?

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skylight99 Mon 16-Mar-09 22:42:48

Hi everyone

We are a two mum family with a two year old son.

We'd love to meet other two mum families (or two dads) living in Kent. We are between Medway and Maidstone.

Please get in touch!


MadBrooklynLee Sun 07-Jun-09 22:40:14


I'm a single mum of twins in the Ashford area of Kent. I'd be willing to meet up.

skylight99 Sun 06-Sep-09 10:11:51

Hi MadBrooklynLee

Sorry have just come back to mumsnet after not looking for a time.

Are you still up for meeting up?


skylight99 Sun 06-Sep-09 10:19:14

Hi again!

Cant believe I missed your post! I stopped looking after a few weeks.

Hope you are still reading.

We are one of three families in the local area that we know.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


RiaandSam Mon 14-Sep-09 12:41:02

hi me and my partner are currently trying to conceive througe artifital insemination and would love to meet up with other lesbain or gay couples who are parents or trying! we live in their anyone in that area )

skylight99 Wed 16-Sep-09 21:29:53

Hi Ria and Sam

Good luck!!!

We are just about to go on holiday but will post again when we get back.

Which clinic do you go to?

Skylight x

MadBrooklynLee Thu 24-Sep-09 18:12:21

Only just checked this!

Yes, I'm still up for meeting up.


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