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penrith Sat 22-Nov-08 13:11:03

Hi ,
Myself and my partner were best friends as were/are our ex-husbands. We then moved our relationship forward after 6 years of being best friends. This has had such an effect on the children which with help from sensible dads may have been easier but they are so upset and hurt(this is 2.5 years down the line now) that they are not really allowing the girls(we have one each) into our life. In fact the girls are essentially living with their dads. My partners daughter is so hostile as her dad has done a real hatchet job. Did you find any support groups for women in our position- there must be loads fo us.

jellyjelly Sun 21-Dec-08 20:34:15

I am gay and have a child from a hetro relationship.

Start a group i will join.

TotalChaos Sun 21-Dec-08 20:36:00

you might find this site useful

secretme2 Sat 24-Jan-09 14:08:02

Hi there, I have 2 from a hetro marriage...Be interesting to kow if there has been a group formed??

secretme2 Thu 09-Apr-09 10:35:13

Bumping this....

Are there any of you out there???

Louannie Thu 02-Jul-09 20:04:05

Hello - my partner and I each have two kids from hetro marriages. Sad to hear penrith's story - hope things are different now. Would be interested to know how you are getting on and to be in touch with others in similar situation.

LeninGrad Fri 03-Jul-09 00:25:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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