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babs10000 Thu 07-Aug-08 00:48:00

Hatfield is cheap and underated and you can get anywhere from there

nappyaddict Thu 07-Aug-08 00:48:28


AnotherFineMess Thu 07-Aug-08 00:53:38

Is that code??? Or just something else I'd never heard of, like anal bleaching??? grin

S1ur Thu 07-Aug-08 01:02:21

She meant this thread I think.

Nothing to see, move along, no hat and field related euphimisms.

AnotherFineMess Thu 07-Aug-08 01:06:47

Bah, my imagination was just getting going then.

I thought it must have been a drug, like poppers grin

S1ur Thu 07-Aug-08 01:10:54

errr no.

AnotherFineMess Thu 07-Aug-08 01:16:54

Feel a little bit silly now I have just read my posts back...hope I haven't sounded discriminatory in my --wine-fuelled-- flippant posts. Sorry.

AnotherFineMess Thu 07-Aug-08 01:17:34

See look, I can't even manage strike outs, let alone humour. Time for bed methinks...

S1ur Thu 07-Aug-08 01:18:47

smile your last post made me smile, don't worry. I think I may be a leetle over sensitive tongiht.

I am wine fuelled too.

AnotherFineMess Thu 07-Aug-08 01:20:30

But you can still manage strikeouts.

And oversensitivity only to be expected if stuck at ILs for a fortnight...

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