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Just become parents in North London & looking to make friends

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macca08 Thu 07-Feb-08 08:09:01

Hello, my partner & I have just become proud gay parents & our baby is now 1 week old. It would be great to meet up with parents with children of a similar age & meet up. Anyone out there? smile

theUrbanDryad Thu 07-Feb-08 08:17:30

hi - my lo is older than yours, but we are in N.London (ish) and would love to meet up...

macca08 Thu 07-Feb-08 10:36:44

Hello theUrbanDryad, we live in Finsbury Park is that near you?

theUrbanDryad Thu 07-Feb-08 19:25:49

not sure, we've only just moved here. we're right at the end of the Metropolitan line, near Amersham.

theUrbanDryad Thu 07-Feb-08 19:26:40

ps - you might have more luck posting in the meet up topic. there was a N.London meet up not too long ago, although our babies are older. are you on a post natal thread?

hester Thu 07-Feb-08 23:24:43

Congratulations macca!
I live in West London so not really near you, and my dd is now 2 so not a similar age, but just wanted to pass on my best wishes. Welcome to motherhood!

macca08 Fri 08-Feb-08 11:19:05

Thank you hester for your best wishes, we are loving motherhood, apart from the dirty nappies of course!!

Lucifera Fri 22-Feb-08 13:05:42

Macca, do you use the Gingerbeer Rainbow Families messageboard? Loads of N London lesbian parents there and there are occasional meetings.
Congratulations on your baby!

MamaChris Sat 23-Feb-08 13:23:53

thanks lucifera, we will check out gingerbeer (I'm macca's partner, btw).

indigomama Thu 31-Jul-08 17:16:40

Hi Macca. I don't know if you still check the site but my partner and I have a son born in March 08. We live in Hackney - so pretty close- and we'd love to meet other gay parents in the area. smile

makingafamily Fri 01-Aug-08 15:07:25

Hi Macca and Indigomama

I'm also a Hackney gal. No baby as of yet as start TTC next month.

lilicedgems Mon 18-Aug-08 17:38:00

hi ladies me and my df live in middlesbrough but wud love some onlone friends. we are pregnant with our first baby.
email us on
also we are admins for the gay/lesbian families board on
just go to join our forums, register (if ur not already) and find us under the family lifestyles section
there are also many other boards there too such as birth boards, multicultral families, area boards (london, scotland etc)

graciebaby Thu 13-Aug-09 22:28:02

Hey, another north london mum checking in, I have 3 kiddies ages 3, 5 (in a week) and 6.5

LittleWonders Thu 24-Sep-09 12:43:48

Hi everyone!,

We hope its ok to join and post to your group.

We are a gay couple whom have recently been feeling a little bit isolated and unsure since becoming new gay dads. Finding some genuine like minded parents/friends who live for their kids seems to be difficult.

Since completing our rather tortuous & sometimes impossible journey to acheive our long term dream of having our own genetic kids, we recently succeeded, and now have two beautiful boys - (whom we are both mum and dad to). Unlike many same sex female couples or single mums, we appear to have encountered a much more judgemental reaction from many sources, (many unexpected). So the last 3 years have effectively been in reclusion.

However, a friend happend to see this group and suggested it might be worthwhile to test our faith in human nature again and reach out. So we hope that there are indeed some other genuine people out there whom are like minded and also live for their kids.

We are not sure what to expect, so hope that we will all be pleasantly surprised.

We are both decent, law abiding, hard working dependable people, both of whom have formerly lived 'normal' heterosexual lives and have now been together for 20 monogamous years. We appreciate that not everyone agrees with our choices, but we intend to do all we can to try and ensure our kids have as balanced a life as possible. If we can find others in a similar position whom can understand and can share ideas and support, then it will be worthwhile.

In the meantime, sorry for writing 'War & Peace', but we hope the most worthwhile journeys start with the smallest of steps:-).

Take care for now and thanks for reading this.

sanfran Thu 24-Sep-09 12:55:28

Hi littlewonders, glad your on here now! My partner and i are expecting twins beg Nov, be great to meet for a coffee or even a little shandy Ha. We"re in West london! My email is if you"d like to chat. Take care . Don x

LittleWonders Sat 26-Sep-09 11:42:13

Hi Don,

Lovely to hear from you:-)

How do we get in touch?.. I tried to contact you directly on this but it says you dont accept direct contacts unless you use 'c.a.m.' whatever that is!.

We are reluctant to post our direct email or contact details on here as we have had a few weirdos send us unpleasant things in the past.

Thanks for now

sanfran Sat 26-Sep-09 22:07:39

hi 'little wonders' - my email is You should be able to email without using some bizarre code!!! Be great to hear from you. Don

LittleWonders Sun 25-Oct-09 16:18:00

Hi there.

Only just saw your posting & see its quite old. We are also in Amersham. Would you like to get in touch?

Take care for now


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