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Birth certificates - for donor conceived children

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chachamum Fri 14-Dec-07 15:17:23


My partner and I have conceived our baby using donor sperm via a clinic. Just wondering what other people have chosen to put on their childs birth certificate in the 'father' section? I don't like the idea of just putting 'unknown', others have suggested asking for a line to be typed through that section, (i.e. N/A), or is it better to put 'donor'? It may seem like a small point, but just wondering what would feel best for the child later in life?
Just out of interest, I also heard that there is talk of changing the law so that non biological mums who are in a civil partnership with the bio mum will be able to be named on the certificate in future - anyone know about that?

Sparks Fri 14-Dec-07 18:29:28

I don't think you have any choice in the way the registrar fills in the birth certificate. They have to follow the correct procedures. We certainly were not given any choice about it. The registrar enters the information you give on a database and then the certificate is printed out for you.

You are right about the change in the law. You can read more about it on the DC Network website.

chachamum Sun 16-Dec-07 18:12:32


Thanks again, so what did they put on the birth certificate for your child in the 'father' section, so we know what to expect?

kayjayel Mon 17-Dec-07 09:50:44

chacha - if i remember rightly we had the choice of leaving it blank or putting unknown. We went for blank - he is known, but he isn't 'father'.
Would have been fantastic to have option of putting DP's name in as other parent. When's that coming in?

Sparks Mon 17-Dec-07 13:03:17

Hi Chacha. There is nothing in the father sections on my dd's birth certificate. There is a line to prevent anything being filled in (fraudulently) later.

The proposed change in the law is in a bill going through parliament at the moment. Assuming it gets passed next year, it would come into effect some time after that, maybe 2-3 years from now.

As I understand it, the ability to have both partners on the birth certificate would only apply to couples who use donated sperm from a licensed clinic. The idea is to put civil partners on the same footing as married partners in this regard.

beeuk Wed 21-Nov-12 23:30:22

Hello, its sad that b4 2009 lesbian couples couldnt both be on the birth certificate, as of 2009 both of you can be on the childs birth certificate if you go through IVF IUI at a clinic or (AI at home providing your already in a civil partnership b4 you conceive.) Both my wife and I are on our daughters birth certificate, i go down as parent, an she goes down as mother. Its really great now you both can go on birth certificates an have equal rights.

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