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Rainbow Parents - East London

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RCG Fri 23-Nov-07 10:36:36

A new social and support group for lesbian and gay parents and carers will be starting in January 2008.

The group will meet on the first
Sunday of the month from 2-4pm and will be based in Tower Hamlets.

Please email for more information or phone / text 07506012282

NotQuiteCockney Fri 23-Nov-07 10:37:30

Oh, can you promote this on thnct (yahoo mailing list?)

You also should push it on MN Local - Tower Hamlets, I think.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 23-Nov-07 10:37:45

(Or I can promote it on thnct if you like - as long as that's ok.)

RCG Fri 23-Nov-07 21:16:34

Hi NotQuiteCockney - thanks for your messages - I've listed it on MN local (Tower Hamlets) as suggested although had a problem getting the start & end dates up at the beginning - but hey, hopefully people will get in touch if they need more info.

It would be great if you could promote it on thnct - I'd really appreciate the support - many thanx

bethtilly Fri 20-Nov-09 10:20:46

Hi I live in Hackney with my partner and our lovely twin girls who are two now and we are looking to meet other lesbian parents who are out there for friendship, would be lovely to hear from anyone in london our email is bye.

RCG Sat 21-Nov-09 19:33:19

Hi - Rainbow Parents meets on the first Sunday of the month from 2-4pm in nearby Tower Hamlets - lots of families who come along live in Hackney and the children are mainly under 5 so you'll all be in good company! Plus lots of twins too The group is a social and support group for lesbian and gay parents, parents-to-be and those considering parenting. You're all very welcome to come along. Our next meeting is on Sunday December 6th 2-4pm - which will be our Christmas Party. Email (this has replaced the eastlondon email address below)and I will send further details. Look forward to meeting you all soon.

Rainbowmums Thu 18-Nov-10 09:01:23

the new email contact for Rainbow parents in Stepney Green is

We're still running and meet the 1st Sunday of the month between 2 and 4pm.

If anyones keen to come then pop me an email and I can send you the address

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