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London Women's Clinic

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Julianne Fri 24-Aug-07 01:51:27

Hi all

Well we have decided to go private rather than NHS due to waiting lists and referrals etc, to get in to Homerton we would have had to move to their catchment area for 12 months then get on the list..

anyhoo we have chosen LWC - anyone have any good/bad stories/experiences there? Our appt is on 27 December - we are currently holidaying in Australia


Matlow Thu 30-Aug-07 16:28:06

We concieved both our children through LWC. I got pregnant with our son who is now 4 and my DP got pregnant on 4th attempt with our daughter who is now 7 months old. We had a very positive experience with the clinic. They were very respectful and helpful. We have quite a few friends who have used the clinic and had no problems.

Good Luck

Julianne Thu 20-Sep-07 01:06:52

Thank you Matlow so much!!! I am very excited but also very nervous..

I have to reduce my bmi to below 30 (currently 32) and am slightly concerned they may delay me if I havent done by our appt in December..

thanks again so much i really appreciate it..

Jules )

hester Wed 03-Oct-07 22:05:24

It's a pretty good clinic, Julianne. Best of luck!

alice123 Tue 27-May-08 23:24:35

I had my son as a lone parent (I am hetersexual) through the LWC. It worked on second attempt and my son is lovely and a very happy child. I do feel though with hindsight that I wished I had had a known donor or had not chosen that route. My son would love a father and talks about it all the time and I'm really sad for him. Sorry I know that is not what you want to hear but it is the truth.

notjustmom Tue 27-May-08 23:26:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alice123 Tue 27-May-08 23:30:21

yes they do but there is still a donor who is the biological father and my son talks all the time about a male father. That's all, I'm not saying don't do it, it's what I did but I still think a child will hanker after it's biological parent from the time that they realise that a child is made from a man and a woman.

notjustmom Wed 28-May-08 11:01:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CJ2008 Sun 27-Jul-08 12:10:30

I went through Bridge Centre at London bridge - am 26 weeks pregnant using donor sperm after 1 time so can recommend them!

Mariey77 Wed 27-Dec-17 11:10:01

Hi everyone, I am new in London and being 2 months pregnant, I am now actively looking for a gynecologist / obstetrician. I have been told about a couple of doctors: Claire Mellon in Portland center, Charlotte chaliha and Emeka okaro of the London wellwoman Clinic. Would you have any feedbacks / experiences with any of those doctors / clinics? Thank you so much!

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