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Totally shocked!!! Need help please!

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danceswithdeath Sun 08-Sep-19 20:03:07

Okay so. My son goes to a private school; they do pray etc but we are not religious at home. There are obviously other parents who do not follow a religion too.

I am on a group WhatsApp with the fellow parents of my sons class (just gone into year three). Someone has just put a link for us to sign, and it is regarding not teaching our children about LGBTQ in class....

Now, I get it. Everyone has their own personal opinions. But I find this really shocking!! No one has replied expect myself, where I have asked if it was a mistake or not. They said no and to read it.

Well I really want to put something, but I'm not sure if I should... it's pissed me right off though!! I am so open with my son! He knows about a lot.

Has anyone any advice on what I could say that is calm and to the point?

danceswithdeath Sun 08-Sep-19 20:06:11

This is the link

iklboo Sun 08-Sep-19 20:17:01

Ask them if they can spell 'bigot'? Or if they mix textiles in their clothing? Have a milkshake with their Big Mac? Or if - as it looks - they are Woolworths Christians. Only happy when they can pick n mix the passages to suit them.

danceswithdeath Sun 08-Sep-19 20:19:21

I'm just so shocked. Another parent has told me that I should just keep quiet but I'm pissed off!

Oranginna Sun 08-Sep-19 20:27:05

I would just say something like this: Sorry I'm not interested in signing that petition as I dont agree with it. I want my child to know that's it's okay to be gay.

Hairsprayqueeen Sun 08-Sep-19 20:29:40

As a lesbian who has coped with disbelief and erasure and general bigotry from my family (& others!) Please stand up for those kids op. Dont let this happen to them. Tel them what orangina says or similar.

danceswithdeath Sun 08-Sep-19 21:29:27

I have sent this... I'm probably going to be excluded from things which I don't care about, but I do really hope it doesn't exclude my son from things.....

Sorry, I'm not interested in signing that petition as I dont agree with it. I want my child to know that's it's okay to identify as LGBT. There will be someone in a class year who will be growing up identifying as LGBT and feel very scared and frightened, lost. These lessons will give them that gentle nod to make them feel less alone.

At primary age, the lesson will not include information about sex. It will include that families are different, including families who have same sex parents. And that is okay.

This kind of petition is homophobic and hugely upsetting to same-sex families and children who don’t feel represented at school.

Everyone has the right to live by their own beliefs.

Stapelberg Mon 09-Sep-19 06:14:32

I pulled my child out of nursery when at age 3 he came home and told me that his teacher said he can become a girl if he wants to. My son was very confused and a bit frightened. I will 100% NOT let some stranger tell me son about gay/lesbian relationships at that tender age. I and I only will talk to him about this when he is ready and able to make sense of the world.
Each to their own, of course, but at 3 they are far too young for this kind of information.

BobbyPuck Mon 09-Sep-19 06:19:47

Say something, you have to. If this is the attitude of the parents, it rubbing off in the children and any gay child in that school will be having a terrible time.

Stapelberg Mon 09-Sep-19 06:23:20

To add to that, this is the world we're living in. Children should be made aware of the lifestyle changes others choose and not to disrespect or discriminate but again I say thay in my opinion nursery is far too young for this and in a young child this can cause confusion if not managed appropriately and with the necessary sensitivity and wisdom. Only a parent knows when their child is ready for this conversation. Like all sex education, I believe this should be a conversation had at home in a safe environment where a child can ask questions and receive honest age appropriate answers. In this case I agree w the school, it should not be taught. Obviously I don't know your child's age but if you're feeling he's ready for this conversation, why can't you have it with him...?

StealthPolarBear Mon 09-Sep-19 06:24:49

I want my children to be taught about sex and sexuality from a young age. I want them to know that families are of all types and some men love men and some women love women.
I don't want them to be told men can change sex and be women. I don't want ds to be told (as he was) that one day he might wake up and discover he's a girl.

StealthPolarBear Mon 09-Sep-19 06:26:22

"Like all sex education, I believe this should be a conversation had at home in a safe environment where a child can ask questions and receive honest age appropriate answers."
Lots of parents wouldn't do this. Lots of parents wouldn't give honest answers, leading to confusion and shame for the child. The best way to reduce teenage pregnancies is through comprehensive sex ed in schools.

Stapelberg Mon 09-Sep-19 06:26:29

Polar Bear exactly that.

StealthPolarBear Mon 09-Sep-19 06:27:28

Just realised I have talked about this as if its in the future for my dc. At 12 and 10 this has happened of course.

PegasusReturns Mon 09-Sep-19 06:28:38

What stealth said.

Absolutely fine and appropriate to teach my DC about same sex relationships but I will not have my DC taught any science nonsense that tells them they can change biological sex.

PegasusReturns Mon 09-Sep-19 06:29:51

anti science not any science blush

I definitely want them taught the science!

Stapelberg Mon 09-Sep-19 06:31:57

Sex ed at a too young age leads to premature curiosity and that teenage pregnancy you think will be avoided... Sex is everywhere and is pushed down our children's throats at a far too young age, stripping them of their innocence. I know we live in different times but me having grown up on a farm 40 odd years ago with a mum and a dad, playing outside with dolls and tractors and trucks, starting my period at 13 and had a chat w my mum at age 11 re babies, marriage, respect for your body and to remain a virgin till I get married, didn't harm me one bit.

StealthPolarBear Mon 09-Sep-19 06:32:37

What's the evidence for that?

LiveInAHidingPlace Mon 09-Sep-19 06:35:26

"Sex ed at a too young age leads to premature curiosity and that teenage pregnancy you think will be avoided.."

It really doesn't.

In countries where sex education starts early, there are actually fewer teenage pregnancies.

40 years ago, we lived in a different world. We live in a world now where kids are looking at porn on their friends' phones when they are 7.

You have to prepare them for the world they live in, not for the 60sl.

Stapelberg Mon 09-Sep-19 06:35:27

Arrange a coffee date and we can discuss it! 🤣

StealthPolarBear Mon 09-Sep-19 06:37:01

Lol is that a come on grin

CrumpetyTea Mon 09-Sep-19 06:40:24

danceswithdeath did you get a response? I think your comment was very measured and a lot more restrained than mine would have been.
I think all children should have access to unbiased education in this area to ensure that they are not brought up in a blinkered manner. If parents want to educate them about their religious beliefs then this can take place outside school and be clearly identifiable as opinion not fact.
I wouldn't want to be friends with anyone who circulated such a petition.

ninja Mon 09-Sep-19 06:41:18

@stapelberg surely if you grew up on a farm you had a good working knowledge of sex from a young age!

As my daughter started her period at 10 a chat at 11 would be too late!

My kids have grown up knowing girls and boys can marry girls and boys and it's quite normal - how can that harm or confuse them?

I agree re changing sex though ...

Teacher22 Mon 09-Sep-19 06:42:52

The problem has been in the past that tolerance has become promotion and innocent awareness sessions a stalking horse for various PC agendas.

Sex and gender issues can wait until teenage years when the intellect and judgement can deal with the emotional issues. Not being unkind to anyone for any reason is the general line one should take with littlies.

To be honest, pushing adults sexual agendas into toddlers is pretty well akin to child abuse.

SimonJT Mon 09-Sep-19 06:43:16

You can hardly be surprised about homophobia when religion by its very nature is hugely homophobic (and sexist).

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