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Documentary photography project on Lesbian families

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Eleni34 Tue 31-Oct-17 15:25:45

I wish to reach out to your network for volunteers who wish to participate in a documentary photography project on relationships.

I am an MA documentary photography student, working on a large scale project on queer culture, gender politics and LGBT rights. I am covering as many aspects of LGBY life that I can and striving to represent issues that are not present in the media at the moment. Lesbian motherhood and families being one of them.

I am looking for lesbian mothers or families that wish to volunteer to be photographed by me on Tuesday, 7th November for a project that focuses on relationships.

In return, I will offer you all the images taken on the day, along with professional family portraits. If you have any other specific photographic needs, I am open to discuss what I can offer you in return.

You can email me at to discuss matters further.

For examples of work:

With gratitude,

Eleni Parousi

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