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Any same sex parents in Lancashire?

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PJ4ney Wed 13-Sep-17 16:31:38

Happy to meet other same sex parents. I have a 2 and a half year old girl.

jenophie Wed 10-Jan-18 23:54:07

Where in lancs are you?

laurajane19 Fri 09-Feb-18 08:27:06

Hi hope you don't mind me joining I'm from Chorley

Natbox Sat 17-Feb-18 10:29:27

Hello I’m in Manchester.
I have a 2 and a bit year old girl and looking for your opinions. I’m the non bio mum and feel constantly rejected by my daughter as she prefers her other mum in every situation unless we are on our own, when we do get on amazingly and I feel our relationship is great.
However, when it’s the three of us doing anything together, I feel like a spare part and especially when my wife’s parents are with us. My daughter LOVES them which is brilliant, but just adds another layer to the rejection as I then become absolute bottom of the pile. They don’t mean to, but they all add to the hurt by acting like I don’t exist (not on purpose but there is little acknowledgment of the issue)
I really try not to be self absorbed about it, i know I need to try and not take it personally but I’m only human and it hurts.
Any non bio mums feels the same?
Thanks so much

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