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IUI clinic recommendations

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Delusco Sat 03-Sep-16 19:02:04

Hi. New to this forum. Sorry if this has been asked before - Can anyone give recommendations for IUI Clinics? Preferably with prices? I know a lot of people go to Europe but wondering if it really is more cost effective (if you include time off work, travel and accommodation). Thanks

HS14 Sun 25-Sep-16 21:24:59

Hiya, We had IUI through a referral from our GP to a private fertility clinic at our local hospital. We are in Plymouth so it was pretty slim pickings for it! We paid £1000 for the insemination which has been successful 😀 Prior to this though my partner went through some health checks and we had a couple of consultations and blood tests which we had to pay for. I think we paid another £1000 for that. We are really new to all this so just finding out feet with it all. Good luck, it's a real journey!!!

MrsPooch15 Tue 11-Oct-16 08:34:44

We were referred via our GP to Birmingham Women's Hospital. Our first appointment was last December and we are now at the top of the waiting list for the IUI procedure to take place.

HS14 Sat 22-Oct-16 00:48:30

That's great. Good luck. It's such a journey. Have you any idea when you will be starting IUI?

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