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Kids dealing with parents 'coming out'.

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Sootsprites Mon 29-Aug-16 09:09:52

I split from the kids father and my new relationship is with a woman. We've always been a really open pro-lgbt family so the kids didn't seem to bat an eyelid. We really had no issues at all. The kids like my girlfriend and there wasn't really a big discussion as they already knew about same sex relationships.
However my eldest is starting high school and I know what kids are like. I don't think he had any issues with children in primary school (my partner often comes with me to pick them up/ drop them off).
I don't want him to get shit for having a lesbian mum. Am I being silly? I guess it's the whole worry of him going to this new place with new kids who may not be as kind (or maybe his school friends just didn't realise we were a couple?)

Its just been playing on my mind a little.

aginghippy Tue 30-Aug-16 12:08:53

Not silly at all.

Bear in mind that parents have a lot less direct contact with the school than you do when they are in primary. I presume your ds will make his own way to and from school. Would they even see you, let alone notice the two of you? Other kids will probably only know about your relationship if your ds choses to tell them. TBH I don't think they talk about their parents relationships much, but it will be his decision to make.

If he does experience homophobia, you might have to support him through it. But then again, as he grows up he will develop his own ways of dealing with it. My dd has developed a conversation-stopping withering look that she uses against homophobes.

kathryng90 Tue 06-Sep-16 12:33:07

Eldest daughter (now 25) had several comments made at high school. Like someone asking what's German for lesbian during a German lesson. Also had dyke written on her locker. She also had several responses ready and wrote dykes daughter on her locker. Second (now 24) had a few small issues but less than eldest. Third (now 11) has so far had no issues. I think schools and parents are getting better at educating kids about diversity. Youngest (now 6) is oblivious. His best friend came for tea last week and cried at home time as he 'wanted 2 mummies too!' And my son offered for me to go live with his mum who fortunately found it funny! So continue to be open, make sure he can come to u with issues and arm him with some quick responses such as 'and that's a problem why?' With a suitable glare.

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