2 mums what names to you use

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Suea76 Sun 23-Nov-14 09:10:07

Hi Ladies,
We have a lovely 3 month old little boy and still haven't decide on names for each of us one will be mum/mummy but not sure what else to use.
Anyone any suggestions???

HomewardBound2014 Sun 23-Nov-14 14:52:36

Me and my partner use mum and mama

Olaffles Sun 23-Nov-14 14:55:32

Mummy and Mama here... Congratulations!

AdoraDreams Thu 27-Nov-14 22:35:44

we use mummy and mama, but a word of caution on it: mama doesn't have the longevity of mum, and I think a lot of teenagers would be hesitant to use it - unless you live in an area where mam is typical. I know some people go for other syllable sounds so the baby can separate them from first speech; separating two m sounds is often a little hard for them. some people i know use baba or lala as a second one.

feelingunsupported Thu 27-Nov-14 22:51:03

Where abouts in the country are you?

Would Mummy and Mammy work?

Suea76 Fri 28-Nov-14 00:34:39

We are in manchester so mama isn't really isn't an option. I worry if we don't come up with anything soon we are just going to end up with mum and my partners first name which we don't want either!!!

DeadCert Fri 28-Nov-14 00:36:21

My friends little boy says Mummy and Mimmy which has become Mum and Mim.

rhetorician Sat 29-Nov-14 22:49:27

we use Mummy A (DP's first name) and Mummy B (my first name); we started off with various mummy/mama formulations, but this seemed to work. Often they just yell "mummeeeee" and don't require a specific slave maternal figure to materialise

Funkytown Sat 29-Nov-14 22:52:56

how about using the french or spanish word for mum/mother ?
not sure what they are but nice thought as they both mean the same thing

AdoraDreams Mon 01-Dec-14 02:10:25

Manchester is v fond of mam - is the only place I've ever heard it. strongest in Salford though. we're using Okaa and mummy now instead, to avoid the mam issue. (okaa is Japanese for mum. or, okaasan is but complicated language format)

KashKari Thu 11-Dec-14 21:18:41

We are Kari mum and Mummy Chris.

flipflopsonfifthavenue Fri 26-Dec-14 15:51:52

We're mummy and mama. Except DS1 now calls me mummy kathy and DP mama-lolo. No idea where he got this last one from...

nevergooglebrandybutter Fri 26-Dec-14 16:31:53

what about Amma and Abba. I think that's mummy and daddy but can't remember which culture.

fynerpink Fri 23-Jan-15 10:34:09

helpful for the mum(s) weve stayed with mom,mommy. guessing as our daughter gets older she will make her own names for us.

akshay001 Mon 02-Mar-15 13:35:51

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akshay001 Mon 02-Mar-15 13:36:53

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akshay001 Mon 02-Mar-15 13:37:28

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Marmite27 Mon 02-Mar-15 13:40:45

I think Abba is dad, and Emer is mum in Hebrew - but not certain!

TooBusyByHalf Sat 18-Apr-15 17:49:21

Mummy and Mama - though one of the DCs insists on Muuuuum for both of us grin

cigarsofthepharaoh Sat 18-Apr-15 18:14:28

We went with Mama and Mummy too initially. They've gone through phases of using all sorts of names though. I'm currently "Mo" or "Momo", and DP is Papa - this causes so much confusion for other people grin. So they may well reject your choices and choose their own

Rahul14 Tue 02-Jun-15 07:51:56

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amankumar007 Wed 10-Jun-15 05:28:58

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dangerrabbit Sat 27-Jun-15 19:40:33

We have Mum (name) and mum (name)

Like you would with grandparents and aunties, or any other relative you have more than one of. Simples.

MissMartin10 Mon 29-Jun-15 07:57:43

i live in manchester and i hear soo many people saying 'mam'.. id go with mummy and mamma and then onto mum and mam grin

Anilnp Sat 09-Apr-16 09:34:27

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