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Single gay mums

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letsplaynice Sat 27-Sep-14 20:25:47

Are there any other single gay mums on here? I suppose I'm just needing a moan I'm so fed up of being back in the closet and people presuming my dds father was either a one night stand or is dead.

Bluestockings35 Sun 19-Apr-15 18:09:25

Hi, I'm about to become one in August. Midwife insists on asking about the 'father' even though I told her it's a donor. Hope it's getting better for you.

no73 Sun 19-Apr-15 18:13:51

I'm not but I know a few gay mums not that that helps much. None of them are in the closet though and I also have straight friend that is trying get pregnant via a donor. Must be very frustrating to keep in explaining.

safron17 Mon 28-Sep-15 19:31:02

Hi, a bit late to your post on here.....but I'm a single gay mum
hope to chat soon

CherryPicking Wed 30-Sep-15 20:12:27

I'm a single bi mum if that'll do? Not really interested in men these days anyhow.

safron17 Fri 02-Oct-15 15:02:37

Hi there, bi is ok with me...just nice to chat to someone in the same boat.
I have a 5 year old (Biologically mine) and a two year old son with my ex.

Hope to chat soon

CherryPicking Fri 02-Oct-15 22:18:04

Ah, that's good. I always feel like part of me if invisible, being bi - not gay enough, not straight enough ;-) It's even stranger now I have kids as everyone I know knew me when I was with stbxh and I guess single gay or bi mums are a bit unusual.

safron17 Sat 03-Oct-15 15:44:09

must be hard for you.....I lost touch with most of my gay friends as they don't have kids and still doing the whole scene thing and cats are the main things in their lives that interests them and not kids.
Although I do have 4 cats but hardly see them now as their terrified of being swung round by their tales poor buggers!!!

Billi77 Wed 28-Oct-15 13:46:07

single gay and 5 weeks pregnant. Hope I qualify.

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