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any other southampton two-mum families?

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OursWithLove Tue 17-Sep-13 10:40:07

My civil partner & I have two happy little boys (2.5y & 9m). Our eldest has recently become conscious of being the only one in his nursery with a Mummy and a Mema - we've answered all his questions honestly, but it would be great to show him he's not alone! We'd love to be able to meet up with other lesbian families in Southampton or Hampshire. Anyone out there? Cuppa & chat in the park or soft play sometime? Jo

irob1992 Fri 25-Oct-13 15:09:57


I'm a third year student studying at Southampton University and i'm currently writing my dissertation on gay and lesbian parents and their experiences. I'm currently looking for anyone that might be interested in being interviewed? All interviews are anonymous, confidential and can be done over the phone, on skype or face to face (should only take up about 30 minutes of your time). Please message me if anyone is interested or has any questions!


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