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Conceiving abroad

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ZuzanaK Mon 01-Apr-13 14:11:07

Hello all,

this forums and your threads have been sooo helpful already. Gives us so much more insight, how things work.

Me and my partner are planning to start a family in the near future. She is 35 and wants to carry the first child. We have been looking into different alternatives, which started to be a bit overwhelmingsmile...

Talked to our GP, who told us, she doesn't know much about same-sex couples and parenting, but told us she will look into it. Contacted our local PCT (Lewisham) re requirements for NHS funding, but haven't had a reply yet.
Compared some UK clinics (based in London ourselves) and clinics abroad (specifically in Denmark), and were surprised how much cheaper it is to conceive abroad. We understand, that you will have to be a bit more flexible with ovulating time and flying last minute, but we could work around thatsmile...
My only question would be, how do I stand as a non-bio mother in our child's life conceiving abroad? I could not find a clear answer to this anywhere, therefore started a thread and ask for help from you, good soulssmile
In fact, feedback from anyone, who chose to conceive abroad, would be great.

Have a good day. And many thanks.


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