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LGBT families in Paisley, Glasgow or surrounding areas :)

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NandLPaisley Sun 16-Sep-12 19:55:16

Hi All

I'm new to mumsnet i've tried searching for LGBT parenting groups but have found none in the west coast.

I am 30 and my partner is 25 we are expecting our first child i am 8 weeks pregnant and really this pregnancy business is nothing like the movies i thought i'd be swanning around the park in a long dress a lovely hat with my hamper skipping along but no i have the worst morning sickness that lasts all day i can't stop eating... and... i could go on...

We want our child to be surrounded with children from similar families or families that are open and don't judge.

We would both love to meet others with families or who are in similar position to us. We are both really excited we have great friends and some really supportive family but want them to grow up and be surrounded with children in the same family unit as them... i could go on but hey i won't... i look forward to any responses smile


MoelFammau Tue 18-Sep-12 00:20:50


Gay mum to a 16mo DD. Living in Glasgow. Married to a guy (finding it tough going but trying to make it work). Love walks with the dog, the outdoors etc. Always up for meeting new folk. PM me if you like!


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