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Lesbian mums in south yorkshire

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Nuxley Wed 08-Aug-12 16:23:32

Hi everyone,
My wife and I had assisted conception and I delivered a beautiful baby girl 6 weeks ago. Although we have friends with children, we don't know any other gay couples with children. As we are on the beginning of our journey as parents we would like to meet up with other lesbian mums to share experiences and possibly meet up for coffee, children's activities etc. We live in the Sheffield area and currently enjoy taking our daughter to parks. I have been looking for local social groups but have been unsuccessful in my search. Please get in touch.

Jen22 Wed 14-Nov-12 08:58:50

Hi, we are in a similar situation. Our baby is due in 10 days!! and although we have lots of great friends we'd really like to meet other gay couples with children- both so we can share experiences and also so our little one knows other children with two mummies. Would be lovely to meet up.

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