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What to say to other children?

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Jooles999 Fri 21-Sep-12 22:18:16

Well my response from my 5 year old is "I have two Mums so i've got double trouble" thanks child

My response when asked by pupils is " well DS has two moms and some families have one mum and some live with grand parents. Families are different"
Usually they accept that. Mind you I get more questions when im doing volunteer reading with them and my reponse is "you are trying to delay doing reading arnt you?" usually i get a smile and then they read fine,,, sneaky monkeys.

Most of them will be fine. parents are harder, but luckily still not had any problems

good luck


MrsSquirrel Tue 10-Jul-12 11:40:11

I am always honest and just say no she doesn't have a dad. If they ask for more information, I say she has a donor. Depends on the age of the child, but usually they don't want too much detail. If they ask further questions, I just answer them simply and honestly.

IME kids don't want to know about adult relationships, they want to know about the family structure.

zebedeeboing Mon 09-Jul-12 22:06:05

My dd goes to a childminder and one of the older children the other day asked me if she had a dad how do you handle this? I'd always thought I'd say no shes got two mums but now I'm a lp that's not an option.

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