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Gay-family friendly areas in north London - any advice?

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rocket3 Thu 29-Sep-11 22:10:48

Hello, I would love to hear any experiences good or bad of having kids and especially of them going to school in different parts of North London. DP and I are planning to move there early next year to be nearer our families - and this is thinking ahead hugely as we don't have kids yet! But we're planning to try for a baby in the next couple of years and would like to be in an area with other gay mums or at least gay-family friendly.

We're unsure whether London is so gay-friendly now that we could go anywhere and it would be totally fine! Several messages on here seem very positive about this. But feel it may be good especially for a child to have at least one or two others when it eventually goes to school who have gay parents too. Having been lucky enough ourselves to experience almost no homophobia at all through our lives, we're aware that school sadly isn't always such a gay friendly environment though it's sounds like it's changing fast. So it would be really helpful for us to hear how it has gone for others kids' at school as well as with meeting other families and other kids parents and which areas you are in.

In particular we're thinking of Haringey/Turnpike Lane/Southgate/Walthamstow but generally interested to hear any experiences.

Thanks in advance!

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