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Same sex known donor parents rights

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jaxmagliz Sun 26-Jun-11 00:05:42

Can anyone who's going or been through this point me in the right direction?

A Lesbian couple cohabiting but not in a civil partnership with a known donor (conceiving at home without a fertility clinic) who does not wish to be a co-parent or on the birth certificate and who wants minimal involvement in the babies life. A donor agreement saying this has been signed. Where do we go from here getting parental responsibility for the none birth mother? Can the none birth mother be added to the birth certificate as a parent at a later date once the couple are married?

kandle Mon 27-Jun-11 19:56:53

No. You need to be in a civil partnership at the point of conception. If you are not then the non bio mum will need to adopt the child in order to obtain PR.

Fortunately my wife and I were already civily partnered when she conceived our daughter via a known donor. Although our daughter will know who he is, he has no rights over her at all even if we split up or died (God forbid!) Although when we registered her we had to confirm neither of us had had sex with the donor!!

Good luck, if you want any other info, feel free to contact.

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