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Please help - Alone in Medway - Bloody hell !!

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dil151 Wed 15-Jun-11 01:52:45

Hi I'm asian and my partner is white. we moved here with our 12 year old (wow that sounds big, but it isnt !!) - we moved here from london about 3 years ago. it was great at first, green, space, flowers, less traffic, sheep, etc - it was great - but now i am bored out of my skull and feel so alone - i work freelance so spend a lot of time working from home or on the road - my partner is quite happy, she has her work colleagues and her support groups but me ? i just try to get on with it. i miss my friends in london who i seldom see now as its a good 30 miles to london and i work most weekends. i just feel really lonely because the lesbian women won't want to chill out with you and only want to go out and drink - i dont mind this but would really love to have some friends just to chill out with not just club out with !! And then the straight friends we have tend to back off when they get to know my partner and i are together - im getting really tired of the 'straight priviledge'

im so lonely and its putting a strain on us - so if you can please get in touch if you are lonely in medway too - you dont have to be a parent but if you are thats great - please get in touch

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