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lesbian mums cambridge area

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biscuit123 Mon 23-May-11 14:05:33

hi am a recently single mum in the south cambs area and was wondering if there are any other lesbian mums around here or cambridge. i know there is a group and while i have joined this i have not actually plucked up the courage to go along to any meetings yet. I live in a very isolated area and having recently split up with ex i am beginning to feel quite lonely. my only contact with adults is via texts or fb or when i take my lil one to nursery where i am without a doubt the only gay in the village. would be nice to meet other mums for a coffee and chat.
heres hoping

Downbythesea Mon 23-May-11 20:38:36

Hello biscuit123,
That's spooky - I too live in South Cambs and was absolutely convinced, until I read your post, that I am the only single lesbian mum in this village / area! It would be great to chat/meet up so feel free to send me a message. Out of interest are there any other single lesbian mums around these parts as you never know, we may even be able to get our own group running!!

LeninGrad Tue 24-May-11 11:50:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

singarainbow Wed 15-Jun-11 21:25:42

Sister act is v. good, been to several of their meet-ups, our kids love going

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