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Gay mums in Wimbledon area anyone?

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ClarksGirl Sun 19-Dec-10 15:24:31

I'm a gay mum in Wimbledon (Colliers Wood), looking for other mums really?

My son's 6.5months and a little handful, I'd love to have a coffee with any mum's in a similar situation...

My partner is a teacher so out all day and the only other 'mummy' friends I have always ask about donor's and such. I seem to be the novelty.

Hope everyone is well. x

hester Sun 02-Jan-11 01:45:39

Hi ClarksGirl, sorry it's taken me so long to see this. I have two kids and am in Teddington, so not miles away from you. If you fancy that coffee just send me a message smile

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