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International adoption and gay parenting

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FrenchArepa Tue 09-Nov-10 22:23:41

Hey there,

My partner and I are two men, very much in love and we are thinking of adopting a child.

We both have a latino background so we would like to adopt a child from Latin America, preferably Colombia.

Has anyone been confronted to international adoption? I have read many websites and they seem to say that the process is very difficult, especially for gay people.

Hopefully, you will prove them wrong!

Also, we would like to meet gay parents in the West/central London area to talk about gay parenting among other things.

I don't mean to offend anyone but parents whose life does not revolve only around their kids would be a plus.

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Littlefish Tue 09-Nov-10 22:28:52

Try posting this in the adoption section too. I know of at least one mumsnetter who has been through the international adoption process.

FrenchArepa Tue 09-Nov-10 22:33:14


Thanks for your advice Littlefish, hopefully I will get twice as many answers!

Take care.

wrighty2010 Tue 30-Nov-10 10:58:06

Hi, I havent had any experience with adoption myself but friends went through the process which proved lengthy and ardiuos? I believe their relationship was quite strained at times too. Have you looked at other options such as co-parenting etc? Pride angel is a gay/lesbian site that may give you something else to think about or advice from other people in similar situation. I wish you well
Dawn x

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