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Do any of these rainbow charities so busy celebrating, actually help vulnerable young gay people?

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RaRaRainbow Tue 09-Jul-19 21:24:57

My DS has a friend whose mother is an abusive lunatic. He's 17 years old and gay and she hates him because he's gay and she's a violent raging homophobe. He has scars on his body from the times when she's attacked him.

Three times she's thrown him out of his home and he's stayed with relatives, but unfortunately they're all poor and just can't afford to keep him.

Social Services are telling him to go back to his mum's (well how can he when she's told him to get the fuck out again, he's ruined her life) and the only thing they're offering is a hostel where older men can rape him, there are drugs, violence etc. and he's scared to go there.

I can put him up on a temporary basis, for a few days, possibly a few weeks. But long term, this young man needs some proper support to leave his mother's house where he is constantly abused (physically, psychologically and emotionally) and get set up in some kind of shared arrangement with other young people or his own flat. His father's a deadbeat, so no help there.

Any ideas? Are any of the LGBT charities any actual use to a young man in this position, can they signpost him to actual genuine help? Do any of them run hostels for young people which can actually guarantee their safety? Even advocacy services would be useful, if anyone knows of any?

TheInebriati Tue 09-Jul-19 21:29:06

Not as far as I know; but he is a victim of domestic abuse and might be able to get help from a D.V. charity.

idsisatwat Tue 09-Jul-19 21:30:47

If you’re in Manchester try End the Fear website. It’s a DV one. Or Albert Kennedy trust

allmywhat Tue 09-Jul-19 21:41:14

OMG what do Stonewall even do with all that money they rake in from the government and from corporations desperate to stick a rainbow on their CSR report?

I had no idea they don't provide any actual services. angry

At 17 he is not too old to call Childline, OP. Helping with this kind of situation is what they are there for.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Tue 09-Jul-19 21:43:48

Any local church charities or houses? It’s sad but not unusual to see kids driven out of their homes by the people who are supposed to care for them.

RaRaRainbow Tue 09-Jul-19 21:57:38

We're in the South East but outside of London.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Tue 09-Jul-19 21:59:45

I’d try a local church - I worked for a charity and there were a surprising number of homes and hostels affiliated with local churches who took in teens and kids when they were thrown our/too scared to go home. They didn’t push religion or judge but were safe and supportive.

GoGoJo Tue 09-Jul-19 22:09:08

Not sure of where they cover but these guys might help

LassOfFyvie Tue 09-Jul-19 22:12:59

Has he spoken to Shelter? They might have useful advice but they don't provide accommodation.

LassOfFyvie Tue 09-Jul-19 22:16:46

I’d try a local church

I agree or even The Salvation Army.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Tue 09-Jul-19 22:18:00

Oh yes - we worked with them a lot although they were mostly dealing with long term rough sleepers.

WantToHelpButCantFindaName Tue 09-Jul-19 22:18:44

I would try GALOP They are for LGBT people experiencing violence and abuse. They have services in London and nationally

SimonJT Tue 09-Jul-19 22:23:42

There is help available, obviously it varies around the country, I had to leave home for the same reason and coincidentally at the same age. I was supported in housing by Stonewallhousing who helped me secure somewhere to live, provided the deposit and signed as a guarantor, they also sent someone to visit on a fairly regular basis for the first six months to make sure I was managing finances etc.

BreakWindandFire Tue 09-Jul-19 22:33:06

Try the Foyer Federation which provides supported housing for young people?

RaRaRainbow Tue 09-Jul-19 22:38:07

Stonewallhousing, now that sounds interesting.

Will also try some of the churches, some of them round here are a bit mad and evangelical

StrippingTheVelvet Tue 09-Jul-19 22:39:49

This might be better placed in the LGBT section instead of feminism. You can ask Mumsnet to move it if by reporting the post.

bumpertobumper Wed 10-Jul-19 00:06:02

I know you said you're not in london , but if you are to the east of london this organisation based in Walthamstow could be helpful-

AllMumsyWereTheBorrowedClothes Wed 10-Jul-19 00:45:35

Centrepoint might be worth a call, they specialise in youth homelessness. They have a free phone helpline 0808 800 0661 and a web chat though both are only open in office hours. Their website has more info too. They're not just London, and may have other contacts in your area.

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