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9-year old trans boy uses kinder egg as packer

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thegoodsheet Tue 15-Jan-19 14:25:52

Here I have collected my childhood memories, "signs" of being trans, this was at the turn of the century, so not really part of any of the current "transtrending"/YouTube environment. The story about the kinder egg packer is in the latest episode

Have a listen and let me know if that sounds like a society-induced experience of gender dysphoria, or if you think it's proof that gender identity is innate.

I know it's looking quite unlikely on this forum, but if you happen to empathise or are a supporter, then please leave a rating/review and subscribe smile Thank you.

Hopefully some of you dealing with a child showing these behaviours might get some inspiration or some actual clue about how the CHILD is feeling... Of course this doesn't apply to everyone, but if the shoe fits, then I will have been grateful to be of help!

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