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Son told me he's gay - boyfriend sleeping over

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mumtoseven Tue 09-Feb-16 16:10:05

So last night my DS 16 told me he's gay. So proud of him for telling me.Noticed on a lot of threads that some mothers haven't been surprised because they have known deep down, but I had no idea!

He has a boyfriend, who I thought was a friend and has slept over many times before and he has asked if its still ok for him to stay over.

He's my oldest so not had the bf/gf sleeping over dilemma before, I know when i lived at home there was no chance of sharing a bed, but he's been sleeping over for the past 3 months I can't just stop that now.

Anyone got any advice?

SJane45S Thu 25-Feb-16 21:45:16

Had a very similar situation with my daughter at a very similar age. We're not prudes..we just applied exactly the same rules that we would have done if it was a boyfriend at age 16 - regardless of what is likely to have gone on beforehand. So it was welcome to come over, welcome to stayover..but on the sofa!

FuckingFatSlags Mon 18-Apr-16 02:02:28

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ChipsandGuac Mon 18-Apr-16 02:21:17

Unlike the majority of MN, I'm not cool about teenage partners sleeping in the same bed. Regardless of sexuality, it's sleeping in the guest room here. Or they can just go home and sleep in their own bed.

Childr3nn33dh3lp Wed 03-Aug-16 21:10:49

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Adoptingdad82 Sat 22-Oct-16 12:19:37

I would allow it personally to avoid them going "elsewhere" to do what is only natural.
Congratulations on being an amazing and accepting mum btw 😊

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