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DS in his first relationship. Mother worries.

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Jessesbitch Mon 01-Feb-16 08:30:58

We have long thought DS(13) might be gay. Last night discovered by accident he is in a relationship with someone at school. Now i'm worried. Lots of worries really like what if the other boy isn't really gay and is leading ds on for a joke. What will the other boys say as he's in an all boys school. There are a large number of religious kids and their parents may have views against this. Bullying.

I was kind of hoping this wouldn't happen until he was older. Sixth form maybe. He's only year 8.

He's really embarrassed about the way we found out so I've not spoken to him directly re the relationship.

This comes only a few weeks after a friend of ours was beaten up in a homophobic attack.

FourStarDragonBall Mon 01-Feb-16 08:33:37

He'll be ok. Just tell him to not tell everyone at school about it until he's older and can definitely handle what he gets for it. And if the boy is leading him on for a joke I'm very sorry, he most likely won't be though

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