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Advice needed for gay mum

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sole0102 Wed 15-May-13 21:53:26

I am a mum of 2 from Ayrshire. I came out last year when I got into a relationship with a woman. My DD is 10 and knows I am gay because she asked questions about my relationship. She seems to have accepted that I am gay and seems happy. My DS on the other hand is only 6 and I am unsure how to approach the subject with him. I am just not sure because of his age. I am no longer in a relationship but would like to explain it to him. Any advice would be appreciated.


phoolani Sat 27-Jul-13 23:31:02

Sorry, no professional advice, but I don't think your son's age is a barrier to you explaining to him that you're gay. Disinterest on his part is the most likely response (my dd who's 7, knows all about same-sex relationships, but is no more interested in them than she is in heterosexual ones). Maybe just explain that whilst most people romantically love those of the opposite sex, some people love the same sex and you're one of those people? We normalise heterosexuality but at that age it's relatively easy for you to un-normalise it for him. Seek out and buy him books that show same-sex relationships -maybe even introduce it using one (And Tango Makes Three was one (I think) that my dd got out of the library).
Hope it goes well for you.

I have a gay daughter (21), and her youngest brother, who is 16, is learning disabled and has an understanding level probably closer to a 6 yr old (he still believes in Santa).

We told him some boys/men love girls/women. Some Boys love boys, Some girls love boys and some some girls love girls...and that it's ok whoever you love as long as you are kind and caring.

He accepted that as a simple explanation, as he isn't remotely bothered or interested, but had heard his sister was gay and asked what that was. We have just made it not-a-big-deal.

I think as long as you are casual and unbothered about it , so will he be. I have friends who are married lesbians and their son has grown up completely at ease with having Mum and Mom smile

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