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when do teenagers start relationships?

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hamsterB Thu 22-Nov-12 16:37:53

Its my first post. Do you expect most 17 year old boys to have shown intrest in girls - or boys, by the time they reach that age? If he hasn't had any kind of relationship, would you think some people / parents / other parents etc might start asking his mother questions such as, 'Hasn't he got a girlfriend yet?', or 'Anyone special yet?'
I accept he may be gay and I think he's a bit wary of telling his dad.
any help welcomed.

Nigglenaggle Thu 22-Nov-12 21:48:39

Maybe he's just shy (whether he is straight or gay). Maybe those askers should mind their own business, although I'm sure they are just trying to show an interest.

VictorAndBarry Fri 30-Nov-12 07:36:06

My DS came out at 19. He had shown no interest - to us at least - in boys or girls, I thought he was perhaps a late starter or not interested at all. However, I did wnder if he might be gay.

Turns out he is gay, and has known for years, simply wasn't ready to tell us yet.

However, I dn't think not dating = gay; shy could equally cover it.

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