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What is healthy sexual exploration for a young LGBT teenager?

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DebbieCultard77 Sun 05-Aug-12 13:37:13

I have a 15 year old gay son and noticed a topic on reddit just a short while ago that captured my attention.

I will reserve sharing my judgement until I have heard from a few more mums in here.

I flicked thro the post..and to be honest the poster sounds like he is justifying his own behaviour in engaging in an online act with a minor.

I have a gay child (female) and as far as I am concerned the rules and sensibilities should be actually the same for all.. gay straight whatever.. yes we KNOW under 16s can and do have sex but from my own standpoint I encouraged my children (3 are over 16 now) to not engage in sexual relationships unless they were ready to handle the consequences.. physically, emotionally etc.

My kids have several gay friends (and DD1 is very much part of the gay network at her university) and thankfully they don't seem to see any MORE need for opportunity than their straight mates!

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