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DS1 and Problem Girlfriend

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MooncupandPizza Wed 28-Mar-12 16:28:00

constrained, I meant, not fact, I possibly meant restrained!

MooncupandPizza Wed 28-Mar-12 16:27:18

Absolutely don't tell him to dump her - you will drive him further into her arms in an "us against the world" kind of way.

If you see any bad behaviour from her or he confides in you, offer a contrained and honest opinion about her but, if he doesn't take it on board, then just wait it out and don't go on about it.

(writing from bitter experience with my sister at that age)

Justdoitok Wed 28-Mar-12 16:23:18

No offence but you are bit mental yourself? You are trying to get your son to ignore his hormones and listen to his mum? Like this is going to happen. Best case you can hope for is warn him of the dangers of women:-) and make sure he knows how to use a condom. If she is like you say then he will work it out in time. Also make your own mind up and don't listen to gossip. If and when it falls apart give him a hug and lots of support.

rugbymum2 Thu 22-Mar-12 16:42:31

Because I realise now that I have somehow put it in the wrong section but cant see a way to shift it.

EchoBitch Thu 22-Mar-12 15:57:45

My advice is to stay out of it and let him make up his own mind...

Why is this in LGBT?

rugbymum2 Thu 22-Mar-12 15:51:53

Help - I have never posted on a forum before but am at my wits end and dont know who to ask/talk to to seek advice.

My DS1 at the age of 17 has his 1st girlfriend who I have been warned by mothers of previous boyfrends, is a complete nutcase. She tells lies and makes up terrible stories all to get attention and is completely controlling. She is an only child. DS1 is totally smitten but has no idea of the ways of the world so is wearing rose tinted glasses. I have tried to warn him off but he cannot see it. Just found out that she is thinking of going to the same University as him in September. Completely distraught as I was hoping that it would all fizzle out in September when they went their separate ways. Want to tell him to dump her now or else but not sure if that is a good idea or how he will react. She will completely ruin his life and future plans if she is at the same place.

Any advise?

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