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Im really lost! - really need advice!

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HelenEmjay Tue 16-Aug-05 21:07:00

Im really hoping someone can help! last september i managed to get in on a course at our local college, i explained when i enrolled that i was on working families tax credits and i would like to know if i would be allowed any help with tuition fee's i got told by a very nice lady that if i brought all the relevant info in on how much we were receiving she would be happy to let me know what if anyhitng i would have to pay! I did this and she informed us that i would be exempt from paying anything, so i gladly signed the enrolement form and started my course, after only being there for about 4 weeks i realised that this course was very similar if not exactly the same as the previous course i did, (a long story!) so i told them it wasnt in my best interest to stay as i was giving up one of my working days to go and i wasnt going to gain anything by staying, so i left, after about 3 - 4 months, i received a letter in the post from the college demanding that i pay the £400 years course fee now please!!! - needless to say i contacted them and said err no i was told i dont pay it as i was on WFTC's to try and cut a loooooong story short i have taken my releveant WFTC forms in for them and they have either lost the photocopies they took or they deny i took them in at all, we have now got to the point where there is a financial/debt recovery company involved and they have accepted and faxed on WFTC's papers but now the college have said im receiving too much tax credits so i have no choice but to pay ALL £400 and now! the fact that i was given misleading advice and that i only went 4 times doesnt matter! im due to have another baby in a couple of weeks and to be honest it makes little difference but its the last thing we need right now! £400 is ALOT of money and we just dont have it laying around, surely having supplied my own equipment and doing treatments on clients that were paying the college not me, there must be some way i can get around this! does anyone know? anyone have any ideas as im running out of time fast!! i think if i had the money i would feel loathed to pay it as i was hardly there! help!

fqueenzebra Tue 16-Aug-05 21:34:16

What do you have in writing from them about the fees? Did they ever put it in writing about what fees you should (or did not have to) pay?

I would go to CAB, if I were you.

HelenEmjay Wed 17-Aug-05 10:32:19

They never gave me anything about fee's, i asked and they told me it didnt apply to me as i was exempt from paying them! Sorry if i sound thick but what is CAB?

throckenholt Wed 17-Aug-05 11:09:34

citizens advice bureau

HelenEmjay Wed 17-Aug-05 11:51:52

LOL!!!! sorry! - wow do i look stoopid!

throckenholt Wed 17-Aug-05 12:03:37

it's alright - no-one noticed

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