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Ruddy rubbish bank

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KathH Fri 12-Aug-05 20:13:25

A few weeks ago dh only had a couple of cheques left in his cheque book and order another one. When we came back from our holiday the new one hadnt turned up so he rang the bank. They said they'd sent it out but would cancel it and end another one. The next day the cancelled cheque book arrived in the post. About a week later the replacement one hadn't turned up so he rang again as he had no cheques left and was told that the replacement hadn't been issued as the other one hadn't been cancelled (hope you're still following this). After querying it about 4 times he was told that as it hadn't been cancelled he could go ahead and use it, which he did. He's written about 5 cheques including one for the car tax, 2 to a couple of companies and 1 to our friends to cover our daughter's holiday as she's going away with them. Our friend rang today and said the cheque had come back marked payment stopped. When he rang the bank they told hin that the cheque book had in fact been cancelled. Apart from the sheer shame of it all the cheques he wrote have been stopped and it means we'll get charged £30 by the 2 companies he wrote cheques to for their "administration costs". He also wrote 1 to his mum who paid it into her account and wrote one herself for something which will now bounce as she hasn't any more money in her account. They don't seem to be able to commit themselves as to whether they'll pay the £30 admin costs or his mum's bounced cheque costs of £27.50. Anyone know where he stands?

SaintGeorge Fri 12-Aug-05 20:26:08

All depends on what the bank has recorded on their records.

When I worked for NatWest all calls were recorded, plus a written precis of the conversation had to be logged against the account on the computer system. Based on those records, complaints and claims for compensation could be dealt with. I assume other banks have similiar systems.

If the bank has records then your dh should be able to claim back the £30 charges, although he will need a letter from each company confirming them.

As for his mum's £27.50 charge - sorry, but technically she has broken the rules by writing a cheque without having cleared funds in her account to cover it, so I doubt very much that your dh's bank would be willing to compensate for that one.

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