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changing conveyancing solicitor

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mum3kids Thu 11-Aug-05 21:59:51

we have instructed a new solicitor to take over our proposed buy of a new built, even though we have already handed to them 300 pounds. reason being, we were given possibly wrong information about site layout including boundaries, we have pestered them for the right information for 3 weeks but constantly told and fobbed off with'we are still waiting for information' we are concern as we are buying off plan and need to know about right site plan, boundaries etc. The solicitor had the wrong information(of all people!) about this and seem not to be in a hurry to get us the right information.
Has any one has such problems before with solicitors and can we ask for our money back?, they claim there are halfway through purchase transaction.

CarolinaMoon Thu 11-Aug-05 22:20:50

The solicitors should have sent you details of their complaints procedures when you first instructed them (usually a v long letter about fee rates etc). If you follow that procedure and don't get what you want, you can complain to the Law Society about them (assuming you're in England or Wales).

OTOH, if they've done the rest of the work properly, apart from this mistake, it's unlikely that you can get out of paying them for it - especially as you've given them the money already.

They will pass their file on to your new solicitors and that should save the new ones some work, so you shouldn't have to pay for them to redo what's already been done.

mum3kids Thu 11-Aug-05 22:29:44

thanks CM, its a relief to hear they can continue from where the other solicitor left off, as we hope tp exchange my middle of september and settle children into their new schools, moving house is definitely one of life stresses1

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