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Crisis loan help please

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littlelamb Thu 11-Aug-05 08:23:46

I could really use some help here from someone who understands the system better than I do! I have huge financial problems. I am a full time uni student but as it is the holiday I am on income support. The council have screwed up my benefit and I am only getting £34 a week of my £150 a week rent. I now face not being able to pay my rent for the third month in a row, and I still have to pay dd's nursery bill, if I don'tshe can't go back and I can't do the rest of my degree She goes to the uni nursery so they are quite understanding, but they are beginning to get very impatient. Is this the kind of thing they will give me a crisis loan for? Do I have to make an appointment or can I just go straight to the job centre? Any help would be really appreciated, I just don't understand what counts as a 'worthy' need when you can't afford your rent

spagblog Thu 11-Aug-05 08:39:48

You don't need to see anyone, just pick up a form and fill it in.
It covers debts and the like, so I can't see why it wouldn't cover rent.

littlelamb Thu 11-Aug-05 08:50:49

Oh thank you, I'll go this morning and fill it in. Do you know how long they usually take to give you an answer

hamster Thu 11-Aug-05 09:00:57

You need to go to the benefit office, not the job centre.
They will give you a form to fill out.
Be very persistent in what you write, to get across how much you need the money. Always state you need more than you do, they always cut it down. They will then take the form and make a descision over a few mins of hour or so.
You then go back, and they will tell you how much(if any) you're entiltled to.
The only thing is, you have to repay it, it will come out of your income support/benefits weekly(only £2 a week or similar).

I think you really need an appointment with someone at the benefits office or housing office, to discuss what you're going through, and possible means of help. You need to get across how desperate you are, don't let them fob you off.

Good luck

babyonboard Fri 12-Aug-05 18:47:13

they refused me one on tthe grounds that i was in full time education..
even though all i had wasa my bus fare home
they tend to be very strict on the rules, and will not pay out for rent or childcare as far as i understand.
hope you have better luck..the staff at my local office just didn't give a damn

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