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Unauthorised debit card charge

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nutcracker Fri 05-Aug-05 07:58:10

Just checked Dp's account online and he has been charged £30 for the above.

Have never heard of it before, what do they mean ??

MrsGordonRamsay Fri 05-Aug-05 07:59:30

Did he go over his limit without seeking an overdraft facility ?

nutcracker Fri 05-Aug-05 08:01:18

He did go over his overdraft limit yeah but that was because they took a payment of £30 for an unpaid DD out.

This sounds more like they have charged him for using his crad when he shouldn't have, whichhe hasn't as far as i can see.

MrsGordonRamsay Fri 05-Aug-05 08:04:17

Sounds like it, tell him to get on to them this morning.

Is his credit normally good ??

nutcracker Fri 05-Aug-05 08:05:58

No his credit is awful all of the time.

I am just annoyed because for once we weren't having a dire month and I was gettng stressed and now we are £30 down and no idea why.

I'll have to leave him a note telling him to ring them cos i'll be out when he gets back.

MrsGordonRamsay Fri 05-Aug-05 08:07:51

I was going to suggest he created merry hell and got the charge rescinded, but I doubt if they will, sorry.

nutcracker Fri 05-Aug-05 08:13:38

No I don't think they will either.

I wish they would put an explanation of charges on their website.

eefs Fri 05-Aug-05 09:40:53

they may do if he is very polite about it and explains that this has left you in a very awkward position this month. You can but try, best of luck.

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