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Grrrr Trouble with AA (car) membership.

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unicorn Wed 03-Aug-05 07:34:37

Am so annoyed... just called them out as the car has not started... to have them tell me that I no longer had home start on my membership.

Now, I haven't cancelled it... but apparently it was a complimentary service that has now been withdrawn.

They also told me that if I cancelled my membership (paid by dd in June) I wouldn't get anything back.

Surely this can't be right?

(anyone work for Which magazine?)

unicorn Wed 03-Aug-05 07:35:14

dd.....thats direct debit - not dear daughter!!

unicorn Wed 03-Aug-05 09:18:14

bump for anyone just woken up!

kid Wed 03-Aug-05 09:22:02

Have you been with them for more than 1 year?
They should have informed you in writing of any changes surely?

I used to be a member but we called them out 1 in the first year, no call outs in the 2nd year and 2 call outs in the 3rd year. After the 2nd callout (in the 3rd year) we were informed that if we call them out again, we will have to pay a charge as we are calling them out too often!

I'n no longer a member and have now been with someone else for the oast 2 years.

unicorn Wed 03-Aug-05 09:32:25

Have been a member for 12 years...

when they sent my cards last time, I didn't read the gumf (never have done - that'll teach me).. so I am sure they have covered themselves...

However it also seems that if I cancel my cover (paid in June- for the year) I will get nothing back!!

Am awaiting a callback from 'custome services' ha.

Who are you with now Kid?

kid Wed 03-Aug-05 09:33:37

I'm not sure of the name of the company, I get it as part of my car insurance with Kwik Fit.

kid Wed 03-Aug-05 09:35:14

make sure you point out to customer services how long you have been a member and that you will not be staying with them next year if this is how they treat their loyal customers.

There isn't any point in cancelling now as you will loose out. But I'd look at other breakdown services for next year!

unicorn Wed 03-Aug-05 10:40:14


They have now 'reinstated' my homestart... it appears it was taken off in error.

More likely the threat of taking my membership elsewhere has made them rethink...

It pays to complain.

kid Wed 03-Aug-05 10:40:53

well done unicorn, I knew they would see sense!

spidermama Wed 03-Aug-05 10:45:56

I HATE the AA at the moment.

They automatically renewed our cover without our consent, then refused to cancel it even though we now have a different (older) car so much of what we're paying for is no longer available to us.

They refused to pay us back the money so that we could be covered by another company which would have been cheaper and better for us.

Now we're lumbered paying for a service which we're not getting. I'm absolutely fuming as am taking the kids to France in an old banger with inadequate cover.

Sorry, no help. I'll be watching this thread with interest as have so far drawn a blnal.

I used to love the AA. Grrrrrrrr!

kid Wed 03-Aug-05 10:48:26

maybe you could try the same tactic spidermama, let them know that after the service they are providing you now is unacceptable, you will not be renewing with them next year.

How do they think they can get away with it. I will never use them again.

spidermama Wed 03-Aug-05 10:54:25

I tried that kid and they're having none of it. Not only am I stuck with them and their inadequate cover, I can't afford to get real cover because I've spent the money on them.

I'm going to have to try trading standards. Because as a SAHM of four I have all the time in the world to pursue these matters of course.

kid Wed 03-Aug-05 10:59:01

spidermama - phone Consumer Direct on 08454 040506

They were busy when I phoned but returned my call and was very helpful. I didn't think I had a case but it turned out I did.

Really hope they can help you.

lucy01 Wed 03-Aug-05 16:55:36

I had a problem with the AA - want to get our new nanny covered. They won't cover her as an extra person but I discovered that despite being a member for over 15 years I was paying £30 more than advertised on the website. Complained and they have refunded me the difference.

spidermama Wed 03-Aug-05 17:04:01

Thanks kid. I'll give them a go.

kid Thu 04-Aug-05 09:02:47

any luck spidermama?

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