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how do i help my credit score

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creditupplease Wed 27-Jul-05 11:54:35

we have had very bad credit score in the past due to problems we had no contol over ,all our debts are now paid ,we have one ccj which is sattisfied,,but our credit score is still in do we help this ? or cant we?
thank you in advance

Nixz Wed 27-Jul-05 12:50:13

I think you can contact a company such as Equifax and ask to see your credit rating for a small fee (about £12 i think) and if scores are expired they can be removed.

Fran1 Wed 27-Jul-05 12:59:10

Also ensure you officially cancel any credit cards you have had in the past. Even if the balance is 0 and you don't receive statements, they will still add to your credit score.

CarolinaMoon Wed 27-Jul-05 13:13:25

Well, the usual advice for improving your score is generally to get a credit card, spend a v small amount on it each month and pay that off in full each month, so you're showing that you can be trusted to pay it back iyswim. The actual amount doesn't show up on the credit report, so no point spending a lot.

But I don't know if that's enough to overcome a CCJ even if paid off.

PeachyClair Wed 27-Jul-05 13:40:19

A CCJ is stuck with you for (I think) six years and there's nothing you can do about that, although it being marked satisfied certainly helps. You can write to Equifax and the other one (is it still experian?) and equest they make anote against your file if there was a solid reason, something like 'following severe ilnness' or 'due tor edindancy'.

Tbh though you won't get a good score now until the CCJ has been paid off. Sorry.

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