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Investing for the kids' future - what to aim for?

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Fodders Wed 27-Jul-05 09:48:09

DH and I have decided we're now in a position to start saving for dd's and bump's future

Have no idea where to start re: what to expect a private education might cost.

Anyone got any pointers?

ta in advance, k

fqueenzebra Wed 27-Jul-05 18:51:38

how old is your dd/the bump is due to hatch when?
I think the short answer is you save as much as you can.
Do you know that you want the money to pay for a private education? Right from reception or just secondary?

I think private school is about £800/term in primary per child, and £2900/term in secondary. So you can add it up yourself (6x800 + 6x2900)...

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