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charliecat Tue 26-Jul-05 09:22:23

Dp might be being made redundant. Hes really stressed about it. Im thinking it will be ok, he will get another job and if he doesnt we will get Tax Credits and Housing Benefit till he does. But will we?
We have rent not a morgage, hes always worked, I work 2 days a week for buttons...

charliecat Tue 26-Jul-05 12:17:18


expatinscotland Tue 26-Jul-05 12:20:58

If you rent you may qualify for Housing Benefit.

Do you have any savings? Unfortunately, sometimes the applications take a bit to sort out and you're sort of left hanging in the meantime.

Best of luck.

expatinscotland Tue 26-Jul-05 12:25:39

Do you work 16 hours/week? You need to work at least 16 hours to get tax credits.

charliecat Thu 28-Jul-05 09:41:23

I only work for 8 hours a week, termtime only...dps jobless in a fortnight...HELP!!

horseshoe Thu 28-Jul-05 15:51:45

You will probably qualify for housing benefit and council tax benefit although this does take a couple of weeks to go through the system and so you need to apply now.... You wont be entitled to tax credits because you need to work over 16 hours per week but he could claim JSA instead!!!

anchovies Thu 28-Jul-05 15:58:03

My dh was made redundant about 6 weeks ago. We now claim jobseekers allowance and council tax benefit and are still eligible for tax credits because they work out your income over a year (we actually get much more). If you rent you will more than likely get housing benefit although to claim for council tax benefit and housing benefit he will have had to have signed on already (takes a while for the claim to be processed.) We're managing ok at the moment, we were lucky in that I had taken out insurance for the mortgage (been paying for it for a year and didn't even know what it was!) You're housing benefit will hopefully put you in the same position.

anchovies Thu 28-Jul-05 15:58:50

Sorry your( not you're!) housing benefit!

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