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Why does this keep happening to us?? Bloody house buying/selling

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sweetkitty Thu 14-Jul-05 15:48:21

Thought it was baout time I had another rant I am so so so sick and tired of house buying/selling. Why does it have to be like this for us?
F**** estate agents/solicitors/potential buyers I hate them all.

We put our flat in SE London on the market August last year (shortly after DD was born) had a few viewings then got an offer in Jan we accepted and everything was fine. Left it a few weeks then we put in an offer on a lovely house in Scotland (where we wanted to relcoate to) so far thigns looking good. Then our buyer went awol basically didn't contact his solicitor or EA for weeks. We had to assume he pulled out the deal so flat went back on the market. Meanwhile due to Scottish law we have to puchase the one in Scotland or face huge penalities, once the missives were concluded we are liable for a daily penality until we buy the house (which we cannot do until we sell the London flat).

No viewings on London flat so we told EA the loweest we would go (about 10K under value) so 5 mins later she was round with a guy who is an investor and works for EA company. He put in an offer 12.5K under value and we accepted as we have no chioce really. That was 7 weeks ago, the survey has been sone but our solicitor is still waiting to hear back from his solicitor. I chase it up every few days but it is beginning to look liek the same thing is happening.

To make matters worse we have moved back to Scotland and are staying in a 1bed flat but it is miles from DPs new work and he is travelling 3 hours there and back each day. I'm in utter bits over this oh and I'm pregnant with baby no2.

I have seriously had enough why can't we just sell our flat like everyone else?

Prettybird Thu 14-Jul-05 15:54:52

I know it doesn't help now, but at least next time you sell, you'll be in the Scottish system with a more secure "chain" (although the robustness is apparently decreasing as elements of the English ystem creep in )

Just think - one day you'll be able to look back at this time and be grateful it is over.

I'm sure you've done the calculations, but is the rent you are paying ont the 1 bed flat, plus the increased travelling costs, plus the daily penalty enough to make it work taking out a bridging loan so that you can move in to the new place?

ixel Thu 14-Jul-05 16:24:24

What about renting the London flat out while its on the market? Or is the case already? I know it might be less attractive to buyers, but you'd get some income off it. You could do 6 month lets at a time, so as it'll prob take 3 months for the paperwork once you accept an offer, that makes it more likey it could co incide with it being empty at the completion. Or do you know anyone that would rent it knowing they could have very short notice to leave when you sell?
I do sympathise. London has to be the worst place to buy and sell. Our move took forever, with so many problems you couldn't dream of, but luckily it all turned out ok in the end.

ixel Thu 14-Jul-05 16:27:45

Or could you find a new agent, that specialises in selling to cash buyers only - investors etc. I know they're no more reliable than other buyers, but its sometimes quicker, and if the agent has the right contacts it'd be all to the better...
What estate agent are you with, out of interest? We used Bairstow Eves, who are the wide boy bottom end of the market, but having said that they really worked hard to get the buyer and then push the sale through.

sweetkitty Thu 14-Jul-05 16:31:23

Bridging loan is a no go area as we have old mortgage + secured loan + rent + travelling+ new mortgage!

Renting isn't really an option as I'm sure this buyer will complete at some point and a tenant probably wouldn't be a good idea, plus it would mean we would have to stop here for a while longer or go into rented accommodation ourselves.

It's such a bloody mess it really is.

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