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Tax Credits-Need Adjudictor Addy Again PLEASE! (long)

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expatinscotland Tue 12-Jul-05 11:18:12

Our initial application was in August, 2003 for WTC for me, as I was the one working, and CTC for DH, as he was staying home w/DD.

When we first applied, our initial award had three errors
1) That DH was in receipt of JSA - thereby incorrectly increasing our income by about £2800/pa.

2) That DH qualified for disability element of WTC - he didn't work outside the home

3) That DH received Highest Care Component. That's NEVER been true and I have the initial application form we sent in to prove it. He's always received lower-care component DLA and it's always been reported as such.

Despite numerous phone calls - all on which the dates and times are recorded, it wasn't until April, 2005 that these errors were finally corrected after I sent them a recorded delivery letter.

Yet we get this threatening letter from Revenue & Customs saying we have received an amount specifically for disability and we'll need to incriminate ourselves by signing a letter to verify that DH doesn't quflify for severe disability.

I phoned the Compliance Officer today, who tells me we'll now owe £1900 and of course, we can appeal.

Yeah. Meanwhile, you'll cut our credits.

I've already written our MP via recorded delivery today and enclosed all our records.

Now I'd like to contact the adjudicator or have the addy for reference.

I am SICK to the back teeth of these bloody credits and cannot WAIT to earn enough to never need them.

DH is starting to wonder why we stay in Britain at all. I have to say, I am starting to see his point of view.

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