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What can I claim?

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puddytats Tue 05-Jul-05 20:41:05

I know some of you have been helping me with recent problems and I need to call on the wisdom of mumsnet once again.

To cut a very very long story short dh lost his job lst week, i am a sahm so we have a huge mortgage, bills and no income.

At the moment it is impossible for dh to get another job on the same salary but we have both managed to get part time jobs at the local tesco.

Does anyone know what sort of financial help we are entitled to considering we have paid taken for the last 15 years?

puddytats Tue 05-Jul-05 21:28:24


titchy Wed 06-Jul-05 21:22:46

Bumping for you Puddy

kid Wed 06-Jul-05 21:43:52

try here for an idea of which benefits and how much you are entitled to.

fishfinger Wed 06-Jul-05 21:46:04

go to the cab

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