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Do U have to have a credit card to sell something on ebay?

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AnnaInManchester Tue 05-Jul-05 13:04:51

title self explanitory

piffle Tue 05-Jul-05 13:21:07


Lucycat Tue 05-Jul-05 13:21:17

I'm quite new to selling, but if you have a Paypal account then that seems to work ok for paying your sellers fees. I did need a credit card though as I was scheduling something to start selling at a different time to when I was actually putting it into the 'puter (Thurs 9pm, 5 day listing, therefore finishing at 9pm on Sun - good time!)
It seems to be an insurance in case you don't pay your bills and they have another way of getting the money off you.
hth - confused myself there I think!

kid Tue 05-Jul-05 13:24:52

I have a sellers account but don't have a credit card, so no, you definately don't need one. Unless I did something wrong when I started the account?

piffle Tue 05-Jul-05 13:29:35

it's to confirm your address and age. I might be wrong actually it may just be for the paypal thingy but I remember having to use a credit card when I joined up to sell...

lilaclotus Tue 05-Jul-05 13:30:51

i just have a debit card (visa electron) and i've been selling loads of ebay and use paypal too.

Prettybird Tue 05-Jul-05 13:37:52

I think some e-mail addresses trigger a request for credit card details before you can register. tiscali, hotmail and yahoo are some examples.

bubbaloo Tue 05-Jul-05 16:10:16

i think you need to register either a credit or debit card initially with ebay.
ive been buying and selling for over a year now and do all my transactions through cheques-i dont have a paypal account.
i also changed my bank account a while back so the card details ebay have aren't valid anymore anyway,but obviously they don't need them if im buying and selling with cheques.

JulieF Tue 05-Jul-05 21:28:58

I don't have a credit card so had to use my netmums email address to register with ebay (they treat it like a work address). My tiscali and hotmail accounts wouldn't let me register without a card.

nutcracker Tue 05-Jul-05 21:32:04

I registered with a visa debit card. I don;t have a credit card.

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