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Might my address (rented) be blacklisting me from getting a building society account?

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turquoise Mon 04-Jul-05 10:23:11

I know the fact that I'm in rented accomodation that has had a high turnover over the years may affect my credit scoring, but could it also affect my eligibility for a bank/building society account?
I have no debts, CCJs or anything else, have had a bank account and credit card at my old address for years. I'm not currently earning, but get fixed maintenance from xp above the minimum recquired by the alliance and leicester which was the one I applied to, yet have been turned down flat. Any ideas why?

jampots Mon 04-Jul-05 10:26:29

hi turquoise - havent seen you around for a while

You can get your credit rating online - cant remember the site but if you ring Equifax or Experian (in Nottingham I think) they should be able to help you! Good luck.

If its a savings account you're after try Coventry Building Society as they have a high interest account purely for child benefit payments (7.25%)and then you can link it to another reasonably high interest bearing account for any other money

katierocket Mon 04-Jul-05 10:28:30

no. Credit reference files are not held on an address but on individual names (it used to be addresses but it was changed over 10 years ago.)
There is no such thing as 'black listed' as such, all credit providers use different methods to decide whether or not to lend money; factors they consider include things like length of time at address, previous credit history (good and bad), amount of existing credit etc.

look here for more info, would be worth getting copy of your credit reference file

Miaou Mon 04-Jul-05 10:33:29

Could be that there is a ccj or debt registered against a previous tenant at your property. This happened to my brother - he got hold of his Equifax file to prove to them that the debt was not in his name.

If you Google Equifax you should be able to find out. For a small fee (under a fiver) they will send you a copy of your file, detailing all the financial held about you and about your address, which you can then present to building soc re your account.

turquoise Mon 04-Jul-05 10:35:08

Thanks guys Hi jampots!
If it's not my credit rating (which should be fine) I can't think what the problem is, unless it's that my income is maintenance rather than salary. Very galling.

katierocket Mon 04-Jul-05 10:47:30

miaou, this used to be the case but is shouldn't happen now. Credit ref agencies used to search by address only but now they search by name and address so you should only get details of those at your address with the same surname.

Miaou Mon 04-Jul-05 10:59:19

You're absolutely right KR, but when my brother bought his house about four years ago he was knocked back by the mortgage company, and when he investigated why it was because of debts against the property. Seems like the mortgage company didn't really know what they were doing - they just totted up all the debt details, decided he had too many points against him and refused him! They hadn't checked that the debts weren't in his name. So although they shouldn't do it that way, they obviously still do from time to time (or at least did four years ago).

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