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Legalities of selling house with ex-partner etc.

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pinkmamma Thu 30-Jun-05 18:52:26

I have a house with my now ex-partner and we are about to sell it. I put slightly more money into the house than he did and he seems to think shares based on what we put in we should get back out ie. me 53% him rest, which i first thought seemed ok. However, before i met him a had a lovely little house - the top end of the market in these parts has taken a nose-dive but the lower end hasn't - so i will be in a position that i couldn't even buy my old house back (or that type/size if you see what i mean)

This seems really unfair and though i know not his fault should he not have some responsibility towards me and my son (who is not his)?????

rickman Thu 30-Jun-05 19:03:26

Message withdrawn

pinkmamma Fri 01-Jul-05 09:24:47

bloody men

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