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which building society for child bond thingy!!!

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mandyc66 Thu 30-Jun-05 13:27:39

I keep meaning to put this governmentcheque into the bank/building society but as yet havnt done!! Which account have you gone for? I want a straughtsavings thing not a share account

mandyc66 Fri 01-Jul-05 14:22:35

no one can help me then! best strat doing my own leg work. think its Abbey or britannia

misdee Fri 01-Jul-05 14:32:28

put my kids ones into abbey. just because that where we all bank. [shrug]

Frizbe Fri 01-Jul-05 14:33:14

Nationwide is best if you can put in £260 in the next year!

Nemo1977 Fri 01-Jul-05 14:35:57

im going to put DS into abbey as its supposed to be one of better ones.

mandyc66 Fri 01-Jul-05 18:54:56

think when I looked abbey was best interest rate and you can top them all up cant you?

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