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Is anyone else having problems trying to get there money thats owed from Inland Revenue

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mummy23 Wed 22-Jun-05 22:31:47

I have been having problems trying to get the money that i am owed from last year from the inland revenue and was wondering if there was anyone else in the same situation?

Basically what happened is my i changed child minder for my DS1 and when i called IR to tell them they must have put it through wrong for my payments completely stopped in June and i made numerous phone calls, visited the local IR centre for hardship payments (to help with child minding fees), and send numerous letters and emails about my stopped payments! But still i am waiting for a letter to let me know when i will be recieving my money that is owed (and i want a written apology) and i am extremely PISSED OFF with waiting!!!

There was 3 attempts to make the full amount that was owed to me but i nevered received a penny of them!!! (HOW VERY ANNOYING THEY R!!!)

Then in April i received a letter stating that i was payed to much and i owe them X ammount and they will be taking it back over the next few years
I have contacted the adjudicators but have not heard anything from them and dont know what else to do!!!

I am also getting fed up with hearing about the over payments all over the news at the moment!!!(Apologies if any of you MN are one of these people)

So is there anyone else suffering with the same thing as me!
I just need to know that i am not the only single parent suffering with all of there rubbish!

(BTW they are now paying me for this year but i have not yet told them about my 2nd DS who was born on 1st May because i feel that they will just fuck up again like they do!!!)

Fifi1976 Thu 23-Jun-05 15:31:30

(using a new name)

Yes, they are useless!!! I never got any money for the first year from my ds being born. I sent the form in and it got lost but unfortunately, I forgot to chase it straight away as I had pnd so wasn't thinking straight. Anyway, they refused to pay me it after 3 months as they said that's their deadline.

That was my fault for being messed up at the time and not chasing it but my sister is one of those who got overpaid and I know how crap they are.

My sister is in a right mess as she kept asking them last year to review things as she was sure she was getting too much, after lots and lots of calls they kept saying it was right so she left it. Now she's hardly getting any money each month as they are using the rest to claim back the overpayment. That's not fair as she tried sooo hard to sort it when it started off wrong!!

They are really thick on the phone too!!

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